Asylum Bar – Hard Rock Casino

We’re excited to play a new venue November 22. Come party with us at the Asylum Bar at the Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam!

Hallowe’en Spandex take 2

Halloween 2004 Masquerade at the Met Bar & Grill – New Westminster B.C. 24seven break out the spandex again!! (If only their mothers knew…).  

Sicamous 2003 & 2004

Here are some shots from our “guys only” trips up to Sicamous in August 2003 and July 2004. Temperatures (outside the bar) reached 42 degrees Celsius! 2004 was a year of fires, smoke and sunshine. 2004 was “party On” as usual! As always, a blast was had by all, and Marshall survived his first two […]

Hallowe’en Spandex

Halloween 2001 Masquerade, Shooters – Maple Ridge B.C. 24seven realize their dream of  becoming real 80′s Rock & Rollers!! Decked out in their finest spandex (most of which was just dug out from the bottom of their closets), the band hit the stage, waded through the fog and proved to fans of Poison and Motley […]

Promo Poster circa July 2000

Piggys Palace 1996

Yes, 24seven played at the “Piggy’s Palace” made infamous in the Willie Pickton case in 2002. These are some promo shots the band did for a gig without Jeff G., as well a a picture from their live performance that night.  

Korney ’80s Video

How long has it been? by the band Faze circa 1980 something

History AWOL

AWOL was formed in 1989. Here is a brief history of how the band evolved: In college, Jeff Garrett was introduced to Phil McDonell, and joined his band which was to be called “Rough Edge”. The first song they played was “New Girl Now”, which still finds its way into the set-list. Neil Sheridon was […]